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2017 HUSKER BIG 10

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Raffle prizes are based upon the combined total score of three teams.
Under the scratch off area your ticket has 3 randomly selected football
teams for each week of the contest season. If your three teams score the
most points for that week you are a winner.
Teams Total Score
STL 21
PIT 10
ARZ 14
Total Ticket Week Score is 45
If 45 is the highest three team score, the ticket holder is that week’s winner.
Teams winning or losing does not make a difference. All prizes paid out
weekly. Odds of winning are 1 in14

• Purchase of ticket from authorized charity member is necessary to be
eligible for the Huskers n Arizona raffle prizes. This raffle is open to legal
residents of the United States, 21 years or older. View the official rules
at www.huskersnarizona.com. The raffle starts at game time on
September 22, 2017 and ends when the last game is over November 25,
2017. For the purpose of this raffle, the date represents the start of a
week and ending the Saturday night after each date.

• 3 Teams Each Week. Each card has 3 football teams weekly,
September 22, 2017 to November 25, 2017. Your three teams change each
week. No other ticket has the same three teams on any given date. Bye
weeks: When a team does not play or in case of game cancellations or
postponements, previous weeks scores will count. This card is valid
for the 2017 regular season only.

• Entry & Eligibility. To enter, print legibly your name, address, telephone number
and e-mail address on the ticket stub and return it to a member of the
organization. All entries must be recorded before 2:00 pm EST Thursday to be
eligible for that week’s and consecutive weeks games. To ensure an eligible ticket, you will receive an email conformation verifying you ticket’s entry or you may login with the phone number & email you provided at www.huskersnarizona.com.
• Winners. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, highest and lowest, (3 team total), wins a prize each week. Scores of all three team combinations are compared to determine the winner each week. If winning combination ticket was not sold, the next in order will be paid.
All prizes will be paid weekly. Results of winning combinations will be
posted each Tuesday and a check will be issued within 7 business days.
Visit: www.huskersnarizona.com.for a list of winners.
• Total Prizes. Winners will be paid by Huskers N Arizona.
1st $100

2nd $50

3rd $25

Low $25

In case of ties, prizes are combined and split.

Example two tickets tie for first place $100 + $50= $150 divide by 2 is $75. The tie will result in each being paid $75. Then next in order will be paid third place at $25 and so forth. All results are final. In the unlikely event, that any circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to determine winners as stated, we reserve the right to devise an alternative method to distribute prizes.

• Information. For fundraising information for your organization call
480.420.4729 or send an e-mail to info@addsumcards.com. Thank
you for supporting Huskers N Arizona!.