Add/Sum Cards is online software that produces random combinations, without repetition. This data is exported to tickets and covered with a grade AA scratch-off coating. The program allows your organization to place a unique twist to conducting a sweepstakes/raffle. The principal idea is based upon selecting a professional sport of interest and using the future results as a way to determine the winner(s).

Example: Professional football (32 teams). If you choose three team combinations there are 4960 possibilities. After the game is played, the winner is calculated by the software. It will determine which SOLD ticket has the highest score, 2nd highest and so on.

Example: Arizona 45 Green Bay 50 Dallas 21 (Total for the week is 116) 116 is the highest SOLD ticket, they win 1st Place.

The exact method adopted for the application of chance to the distribution of prizes is immaterial. The outcome of the Sweepstakes/Raffle does not depend on the outcome of any individual game, the score of any individual team, or even if a particular team wins or loses.