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21 Olentangy Run Sum

 ARI – Arizona
ATL – Atlanta
BAL – Baltimore
BOS – Boston
CHC - Chicago Cubs
CHW- Chicago White Sox
CIN – Cincinnati
CLE – Cleveland
COL – Colorado
DET- Detroit
FLA – Florida Marlins
HOU – Houston
KAN – Kanas
LAA – Los Angeles Angels
LAD – Los Angeles Dodgers
MIL- Milwaukee
MIN – Minnesota
NYM – New York Mets
NYY - New York Yankees
OAK – Oakland
PHI – Philadelphia
PIT – Pittsburg
SD – San Diego
SEA – Seattle
SF – San Francisco
STL – St Louis
TB – Tampa Bay
TEX – Texas
TOR - Toronto
WAS - Washington

• OFFICIAL RULES Purchase of ticket from authorized charity member is necessary to be eligible for the raffle prizes. This raffle is open to legal residents of the United States, 21 years or older. The raffle starts at game time on Aug 2, 2021 and ends when the last game is over Aug 8, 2021.
• Entry & Eligibility. To enter, print legibly your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address on the ticket stub and return it to a member of the organization. All entries must be recorded before 12:00 pm EST Monday Aug 2, 2021 to be eligible for that day and consecutive day’s games. To ensure an eligible ticket, you will receive an e-mail confirmation verifying your ticket’s eligibility or you may login with e-mail & phone number you provided for the Rotary Club of Olentangy. (Raffle link- https://olentangyrotaryclub.org/)
• 4 Teams Each Day: Each card has 4 Baseball teams daily, Aug 2, 2021 through Aug 8, 2021. Your four teams change each day. No other ticket has the same four teams on any given date. Whether the teams on your card win their match or not, is irrelevant for the purpose of this raffle.
•Game’s Recorded Score For the purpose of this raffle will reflect the Official MLB FINAL Score.
• Bye Games: When a team does not play or in case of game cancellations or postponements, previous day’s score will count. (there will be no rescheduled games that will count for the purpose of this raffle…example Monday Cleveland is called off due to rain and play a double header on Tuesday, we will use the previous day’s (Sunday) score. ONLY SCHEDULED GAMES: If there is a Double Header-ONLY THE FIRST OFFICIAL GAME COUNTS.
• Season Canceled or delayed: If the scheduled game(s) are not played for more than 1 day for the purpose of this raffle we will use the Month and Day of the 2019 season with all above rules being applied to determine a winner. Example Monday all games are played, Tuesday 3 games are played and recorded by MLB STATS while the rest are canceled. We will use the score of the 3 teams from 2021 and the rest of the card will record the 2019 season. In the unlikely event that any circumstance beyond our control makes it impossible to determine winners as stated, we reserve the right to devise an alternative method to distribute prizes.
• Winners: Highest, 2nd highest, 3rd highest, 4th highest team totals EACH DAY. Scores of all four team combinations are compared to determine prizes each day. If a winning combination ticket was not sold, the next in order will be paid. All prizes will be paid by the Olentangy Rotary Club within 7 business days at the end of the raffle. Results will be posted each Day https://olentangyrotaryclub.org and the winners will receive e-mail notification of their prize.
• Total Prizes. Highest combination will receive $100; 2nd highest will receive $60; 3rd highest $40 and fourth highest will receive $20. In case of ties, prizes are combined and split. Example 2 cards have a total of 35 points and that is the highest of sold cards, first and second place will be added together ($160) and divided by the number of tied winners (example 2 ties for 1st $160 divided by two equals $80). This adjustment will follow through to the remaining “high” scores.