Specific rules are determined by each individual organization and available on their website during the contest.

The General rules:

  • Purchase of ticket from authorized organization member is necessary to be eligible for the raffle prizes. This event is open to legal residents of the United States, 21 years or older. The raffle starts at game time on the first game of choice by the organization and ends when the last game is played determined by the organization. Dates for the purpose of this raffle including games starting on and ending on are determined by each individual organization.
  • Most organization select 3 Teams Each Week. Your three teams change each week. No other ticket has the same three teams on any given date. Bye weeks: When a team does not play or in case of game cancellations or postponements, previous weeks scores will count.
  • Entry. To enter, print legibly your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address on the ticket stub and return it to a member of the organization. All entries must be received by time line specified by the organization’s rules. All entries must be recorded before that deadline, and can be verified by the participant’s email confirmation. Ticket entries may not be eligible for that week but would for all consecutive weeks games.
  • Winners. Each organization determines in advance the number of places to award prizes. Scores of all three team combinations are compared to determine prizes each week. If the winning combination ticket was not sold, next in order will be paid. All prizes will be paid weekly. Results will be posted each Tuesday. Winners will be notified by email after results are verified.
  • Total Prizes. Winners will be paid by authorized organization. In case of ties, prizes are combined and split. All results are final. In the unlikely event that, any circumstances beyond our control make it impossible to determine winners as stated, we reserve the right to devise an alternative method to distribute prizes.